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xtMail Suite for SAP - Send Business Documents with additional Attachments

Living without e-mail seems almost inconceivable these days. However, SAP users often sent common documents such as purchase orders or order confirmations via paper or fax.
The submission of these documents by e-mail can save time and money. Unfortunately, the possibilities are very limited in the SAP standard. As an example, e-mail may be sent only to the main e-mail address held in the customer or vendor master and the e- mail message body text cannot be used.
Using xtMail suite, these restrictions are no longer an issue. Feel free to send your documents as you wish. This extension is enhanced with multiple additional functions.

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Thanks to its modular design, our solution offers exactly the features your business requires. XtMail Suite is now available for the Purchasing (all purchasing documents, including requests for quotation, purchase orders, and goods issue slips) and Sales & Distribution (order confirmations, quotes, invoices) modules. A module for Financial accounting (payment reminders, dunning notices) is in preparation. Additional modules are available upon request.

Recipient list and message body text

Once you have integrated the extension, only a few adjustments are necessary to use it immediately:
• Define a standard message body text to be inserted in your future e-mails.
• Determine what sender address to use (last editor or a fixed address).

In the simplest case, the recipient is obtained from the business partner master data as in the standard solution. Thus, no further adjustments are required to use the extension.
In addition, each organizational unit (purchasing organization, sales organization, and company code) can optionally define individual message body texts and mail sender addresses.
Should this flexibility prove insufficient, you can maintain message body texts and recipients lists, which may be assigned to a document through a regular Customizing access sequence. For example, texts and recipient lists can be stored at the supplier level or any other access combinations.

Optional additional attachments

Upon request, additional document attachments are submitted alongside your e-mail. It does not matter whether the attachments were placed in the generic object services, or were connected to the document from the document management system (DMS). Even documents that have been linked by DMS to the material master (such as technical drawings) can be automatically included as an e-mail attachment.
Using filters, you can control the document types available for this selection process. For example, you may define a document type specifically for external attachments to avoid disclosing any internal information inadvertently.

Fully automatic or still manual?

Decide for yourself how much interaction your employees require to send an e-mail. Accordingly, you can configure the extension so that all emails are sent automatically. Recipient, message body text, and additional attachments are obtained in the background.
Alternatively, you may allow your users to update the recipient and message body text for each business document and select manually existing additional attachments.

Extensive logging

Upon request, all extension-submitted e-mails can be logged to know exactly what documents were sent and under what format. Accordingly, the log includes the sending time, the recipient list, a summary of the additional attached documents, and the email message body.
The logs can be queried directly from the corresponding business document or from a central monitor.

Versand von Ausgangsrechnungen

Mit Start des neuen Steuervereinfachungsgesetzes zum 1. Juli 2011 (Art. 5, StVereinfG 2011) entfällt die Notwendigkeit einer qualifizierten elektronischen Signatur für Rechnungen. Damit haben Sie die Möglichkeit auch Ausgangsrechnungen einfach und unbürokratisch zu versenden, ein entsprechendes Modul steht bereits zur Verfügung.


The integration into your existing workflow is seamless and close to the standard. Documents are still sent through the normal output processing with medium 5 (external sending). The integration of the extension is performed through the print program and can be accomplished without modification with a few lines of code.
Documents specific functions, such as updating recipients in the business document, require an additional integration to the transaction. However, this happens through user exits and BAdIs.

To give you a first impression of our product we would like to show you some screenshots. Feel free to contact us so that we can show you the complete extension live in a web-presentation.